Fresh mountain air, pristine lakes for swimming, mountain pastures, quiet forests and an unforgettable view of the Alps. Experience the benefits of two yoga classes a day, lectures and workshops, relaxation, meditation and mantra chanting. Recharge through walks and hikes. Enjoy the yogic-vegetarian meals.


Living and learning Yoga: Get inspiration from lectures on health, nutrition, meditation and philosophy or in seminars and further trainings. Enjoy delicious vegetarian cuisine. In a relaxed atmosphere it is easy to cultivate new habits, like adopting a healthier and more easily digestible diet. You are welcome to spend your yoga vacation with us and stay as long as you wish. We recommend that you stay several days in order to have time to learn, step by step, all aspects of yoga.


Everyone in our team is dedicated to the practice of yoga, and we are looking forward to being of service to you during your stay.


The yogic lifestyle

Today there is no doubt even in the West about the healing and preventive benefits of yoga.
This holistic lifestyle helps relieve stress, increase lung capacity, reduce body weight, as well as regenerating and stabilising all body systems.
Yoga brings body and mind gently into balance with the laws of nature and provides higher values in life.
Anyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, culture or religion.
Experience the regeneration of body, mind and spirit and discover for yourself how much healthy and relaxed you become.
Come alone, with a friend or with your family.

New to yoga?

First-time visitors to the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House are given an introduction to the basic principles of the yoga practice, meditation, the philosophical aspects of yoga and the yoga vacation schedule.

Lectures and workshops

Let yourself be inspired by a variety of lectures and workshops:


The topics include the health benefits of yoga, breathing, relaxation and stress management, diet, Ayurveda, positive thinking, concentration and meditation, the four yoga paths, yoga philosophy and yogic scriptures, and much more. You have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the vacation theme through PowerPoint presentations and recommended reading as well as in one-on-one talks.


The morning and evening meditation sessions are the most peaceful hours at the Retreat House. The practical guidance for positive thinking and mental relaxation combined with concentration exercises gradually lead to inner peace. The chanting of Sanskrit mantras (healing and energising sound sequences) deepens the experience of peace. A reading from yoga texts gives inspiring insights into yoga philosophy and psychology.


English-speaking guests are welcome throughout the year. Yoga classes are taught in both English and German and all lectures in German are translated simultaneously into English via wireless headphones.

Donate some time

The community feeling in the Retreat House is based on ‘voluntary service’. All staff teach and work on a volunteer basis. You can also lend a hand if you like. Volunteering creates a cheerful atmosphere. You meet other people and develop a positive motivation for your actions.