Fri. 27 October – Wed. 1 November 2017


Immerse yourself for three days in the healing and preventive benefits of the holistic yoga practice.



Swami Satyananda

Vital Breath – Vital Energy

With Swami Satyananda, Sivananda Yoga Centre Berlin

Fri. 27.10 – Wed. 1.11


Learning to breathe with more awareness taps new energy reserves.



  • Improved breathing through proper body posture and conscious relaxation
  • Systematic training of Alternate Nostril Breathing and Kapalabhati: Balancing the nervous system and the brain hemispheres, stimulating the energy channels (Nadis)
  • Daily group meditation: Attaining mental balance through simple concentration exercises



  • From controlling breath to controlling vital energy (Prana)
  • The interplay of Prana and thoughts
  • The yogic model of the physical and astral bodies


Short biography

Swami Satyananda, Sivananda Yoga Centre in Berlin, teaches with great joy.


Daily rates

2017 daily rates for yoga

Yoga: €49


Accommodation and meals:

Dormitory: €37
Shared room: €43
Double room: €58
Single room: €70


Minimum stay: 2 nights
Triple rooms on request for 3 people staying for the same dates.
All rates include VAT and are subject to a €1.80 visitor's tax per person per night.


Online registration and online payment for yoga
The registration is valid upon full payment of the yoga costs.


Prices valid from 8 January 2017 until 31 December 2017


Hotel closing times:
5 November / 2pm – 15 December 2017 / 2pm

Daily schedule

  • 6 am: Meditation, mantra chanting, lecture (90 min)
  • 8 am: Asanas and Pranayama (90 min)
  • 10 am: Vegetarian brunch
  • 11 am: Karma Yoga (selfless service)
  • Noon: Workshop, lecture or free time
  • 4 pm: Asanas and Pranayama (90 min)
  • 6 pm: Vegetarian dinner
  • 7:30 pm: Meditation, mantra chanting, lecture (90 min)


Programmes are subject to change or cancellation.


Room and board

Room and board are in the non-smoking eco-hotel serving wholesfood organic vegetarian meals.
All guest rooms have wooden floors and furniture, health mattresses, shower, toilet, hairdryer, telephone and radio. Most rooms have a balcony. more

What you will need for your stay

A meditation pillow for the morning and evening meditation sessions is recommended. A meditation shawl is also advantageous. 


To practice the yoga poses you will need a non-slip yoga mat or wool mat. You will need a blanket to cover yourself at the end of the yoga class during the so-called final relaxation.


Pillows, shawls, blankets, mats and much more can be purchased in our online shop or in our boutique after arrival.


For your stay you should bring comfortable clothing, slippers, walking shoes, rain gear, torch (flashlight), bathing suit and towels. Eyeglass wearers should bring a hard case for safe storage during the yoga classes.